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Portable electric nail file

Portable Slimline electric nail file with 3 prong Australian plug. Delivery Australia wide.
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Price: $230 (incl GST).
Price does not include delivery.

Metal control box.
Forward and reverse operation.
Foot pedal for alternative control of nail file rotation speed.
Pack of 6 x 3/32" nail drill bits with 5 nail sanding bands.
Hand piece stored in body of control box for ease of transport.
LED digital display of the rotation speed.
Rotation speed up to 20,000 RPM.
Australian electric plug.
12 months warranty.
Small, light and portable.
Delivery available Australia wide.

Operating Instructions:
Plug the electric chord into the electric power supply.
To switch the unit on - press the ON/OFF button. A red light should appear above the button to show that the unit is now ready.
To remove the hand piece from its casing lift the EJECT button on the back of the control box. Be careful that the hand piece does not drop on the ground.
NEVER pull the hand piece out by pulling at its chord - This will eventually cause the wiring to fray and stop the hand piece from operating.
Plug the end of the hand piece chord into its insert located on the front panel.
NEVER pull out the plug connecting the hand piece to the controller while the head is in operation.

Select and insert a nail drill bit into the head of the hand piece. This is done by pushing the nail drill piece in firmly.
Nail drill bit rotation speed is regulated by pressing the buttons on the front of the control box.
Press the SPEED button to increase the speed and press the CONTROL button to decrease the speed.
The speed setting ranges from 1 to 8 and is digitally displayed on the front panel.

To change the turning direction of the drill press the FWD REV button.
Note that this should not be done frequently as this will eventually damage the hand piece.

For easier control of the start/stop operation of the nail file while in operation you can connect the foot control. Just connect it to the S/W insert at the back of the control box.
Press down on the foot control to stop the drill and lift your foot off to start it again.

Turn down the speed to its lowest level before you turn off the machine.
NEVER operate the nail drill if the electric cable is frayed.
Note: Opening the controller will void the warranty.

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