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Mani Pro drill by KUPA
(with Australian plug)

Kupa (or DR-268) mani pro drill for acrylic nails - with Australian plug. Deliveries Australia wide.
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Stock availability: In stock.

Price: $500  $275 (incl GST).
Price does not include delivery.

This nail drill does NOT include a foot pedal.

Operating Instructions:
Connect the plug at the end of the hand piece to the OUTPUT socket on the front of the main unit. Ensure the POWER button on the front of the main unit is switched OFF. Connect the power cable to the back of the main unit and to your power source. Leave the power source turned OFF. Turn the SPEED CONTROL knob anti clockwise to the end and switch the power button to ON.

Turn the power source ON and the unit is ready for use. The power light should be lit. Select a suitable grinding drill bit and or sanding band for the task and attach it to the head of the hand piece. The direction of the drill bit can be altered - For clockwise operation select FWD otherwise select REV. To regulate the speed of the drill bit on the hand piece slowly turn the SPEED CONTROL clockwise to increase and anti clockwise to decrease.

Settle on a turning direction for the drill head that suits. Constant changing of direct will shorten the life of the hand piece.

Turn the SPEED CONTROL knob anti clockwise to slow the grinding head to a minimum. Then turn it off and for general safety also switch the power source off. Place the hand piece on the main panel.

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